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Our mission is to connect and empower light workers to launch projects that benefit all of humanity. 


The mind shift is this: Each and every one of us is the project. When one of us does the work required to step fully into our divine purpose, the reverberations are felt by ALL.  


Our mission is to help you discover, and LIVE your soul’s HIGHEST expression, in alignment with source energy, so that you can experience the joy of being who you REALLY are.  


Our Ultimate goal is the liberation of all beings from suffering. (All Suffering is rooted in the lack of self-knowledge). 


Our nature is love…Let’s remember together!



-Team Love


What is the iProject Love Foundation?


The iProject Love Foundation is a community of like minded individuals that are dedicated to the liberation of all beings from suffering, and the creation of paradise on earth.


How is The Foundation working towards its goal?


We are sharing our spiritual principles and practices to aid all beings in their healing and awakening journey. Other than this ongoing mission, our first major objective is to create a community based app that will allow conscious entrepreneurs/creators to find and support each other in the creation of projects that are in alignment with the laws of love.


How did The Foundation start?


In 2009, The Founder, Alexander (Sasha) Lasarev had a kundalini awakening and remembered that his mission in this incarnation was to remind all beings that reincarnation was real, all souls are eternal, and we are all here to help each other on our journey.


Sasha spent the next decade on his own healing and awakening journey, and had many more ego deaths/spiritual remberings/direct experiences of the ultimate reality - that all beings are the one eternal Self/I am/Source/Love.


Over several years between 2017 onwards Sasha received more and more instructions from source on how to share spiritual knowledge and build a community for all beings that are dedicated to the creation of paradise on earth.


In 2020, Sasha had an ego death / self realization experience so powerful that it was the end of his search for self realization. From that point he dedicated himself fully to the mission.


Other than helping others in their healing and awakening journey, Sasha also loves performing stand-up comedy, bringing people together, animals, food, making inspirational content, reading, learning, traveling, and so many other things!


In 2020, spirit pulled some serious strings to connect him with Nikolai. Nikolai was working as a carpenter at the time, but had spent many years studying the teachings of Mehran Keshe. He had acquired a deep understanding of the Universal Principles of Creation and of GANS/Plasma Technology. Nikolai was just waiting for the right opportunity to join the soul family who were on the mission, and hopped feet first into the project. Nikolai is the multi-talented “mad scientist” of the team. He has a knack for seeing what is missing or could be improved in projects. Nikolai is happiest spending his time messing around in laboratories coming up with cool new technology that can enhance the human experience.


In early 2021 Nikolai and Sasha spent their time creating humorous videos aimed at awakening humanity to its higher potential. Later that summer, Nikolai was an integral part of planning and creation of the iProject Love Community App.  


In 2022, Spirit brought Xoa into the Foundation.


Xoa is a huge nature enthusiast and has made a career out of connecting people with the natural world. She has always remembered our true origins as one source, but has more recently been on the healing/awakening path since 2018. Xoa’s passion for adventure has led her to working with plant medicines in the jungles of Peru, and healing others in the quantum field. She is a natural cheerleader and brings her organizational and team building skills to the project. Xoa also loves dogs, food, nature, and her current addiction is double baked almond croissants.


Do you resonate with our mission? Are you passionate about creating paradise on earth? Do you have skills that would be useful to the mission?

Feel free to reach out to us by email at

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