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Plasma Balancig Wands
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Plasma Balancing Wands

$ 330 USD + shipping   

These Nano-coated copper balancing wands bring the body and the auric field into harmony. 


The wands are dipped in specific materials called GANSes (Gasses in the Nano State) which exist within the human body. 


These GANSes are a replica of how the body creates specific elements within its structure. As such, we create materials in the same way and allow the fields of the body to balance themselves with the fields of the wands.


Hold the wands for as long as your body feels is correct, approximately 15 minutes or so for a tuning. If used in meditation before bed they have been shown to effect Dreamtime.

Each sale of 1 pair of wands pays for one year of Keshe Foundation education (100€ min donation)

"Impacts entire layline & meridian system. Benefits all chakras, reminds one to stay grounded."

Dual Core Reactor
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  • 16 nanocoated copper poles each act as a plasmatic chamber and allow for free-flowing plasmatic fields to coalesce. These vertical poles act as a cloud buster array. Harmonizing the weather around the unit in a beneficial way

  • These poles then dipped in nanomaterials which elevate the soul. This elevation allows for a faster and easier processing of emotions, traumas and allows the body to heal more rapidly.

  • Super clean energy, the plasmatic fields give what is needed and absorb what is not needed from the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, allowing harmony and balancing to occur more naturally.

  • 2 counter-rotating glass spheres filled with plasmas which resonate with the emotional body and the soul. These two materials are spun opposite to one another and create in their interaction an energetic bubble of peace to the beings in their environment.

  • Plasma has two inherent properties, it is a boundary of fields and an absorber of fields. We can imagine it as a large EMF-vacuum. The plasmatic fields absorb the disharmonious energies and emit harmonious fields. The plasma reactor unit allows for an energetic cleansing of dirty power, Bluetooth, WIFI and cell signals which are everywhere today. Thus creating a more harmonic condition for life to flourish.

Dual Core Reactor

Dual Core Reactor

$ 3,300 USD + shipping   

The Dual Core Reactor is emitting a Vortex as shown in video below. 

The hand-held scanning device shown is called The ELF (Invented by Adam Smith) is capable of Scanning Extremely Low Frequencies 

"“Woah I feel it in my head between the third eye and the crown chakras”."

"Literally feel energy moving up my spine. Mainly feel around my sacrum and neck area"

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