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Spiritual Principles

Hey, Sasha here...

Real Knowledge can not be taught, it can only be realized.


Although not an easy task, I have done my best to share the knowledge from many ineffable experiences in the simplest terms possible.


It is my deepest wish that all beings remember their nature, so that they too may live in peace.


The depth to which these may be explored and lived is limitless.


I invite the reader to contemplate these principles while they go for a barefoot walk in nature, or while enjoying a cup of tea.


Remember to breathe ;) 




Our Spiritual Knowledge


Love is God. The feeling we describe as “Love” is quite literally God - The Creator. To say "God is Love" would mean that Love is an attribute of God, and that God has many attributes. However, a deeper, more accurate description is “Love IS God.” Love *IS* the being/creative energy/source that made everything we can conceive of in our existence. Love is existence itself, and you are that!


Everything happening in all of Creation is Love’s exploration of itself.


All aspects of Love (including incarnated beings) are always helping other aspects that are not as developed, raise their understanding and remembering of their true nature.


At any "level" of spiritual development, not matter how advanced, the wise man sees himself as a spiritual baby. We are all spiritual babies, no matter how far we have advanced. If God is always learning and growing, so are we. The most humble being in the room, is usually (in reality) the further advanced on the path.


Love for any aspect of Creation is Love for all of Creation, because there is only One Love.


Jesus/Buddha/Krishna Consciousness is all the same consciousness. The Ultimate Truth is Absolute Oneness. All true paths lead to this Self-Knowledge.


Everything unfolding is part of a perfect, divine plan. Although there may appear to be an element of randomness, nothing of any consequence happens without reason.


Your Will is God’s Will, and God’s Will is your Will. There is only one, eternal, divine Will which can not be thwarted.


All incarnated beings have unique gifts that are meant to be remembered and used in the service to the eternal one Love/Self/Christ.


There is no such thing as death. Your nature is existence, so you shall always exist, in one form or another. Physical death should not be feared but understood as the transition that it is. Only the ego can truly die and ego death should be welcomed and encouraged. On the other side is liberation.


Our purpose is threefold:

1. To remember our true nature as the IAM Presence/Source/Love.

2. To remember and use your unique gifts in service to All.

3. To be happy!


You are a vibrational being. Whatever vibrations you put out, is exactly the vibrations you attract. Therefore, be very attentive to the energies you put out. Anger attracts anger. Greed attracts greed. Kindness attracts kindness. Love attracts love!


The highest spiritual practise is treating all beings as if you had already fully remembered that everyone is You, and our nature is Love. Even if you have not fully remembered. Even if you are having a bad day. Do your best.


And so it is!

Clearing Prayer

Spirit masters, spirit world, spirit guides,

Christ consciousness, higher self -


We ask you in this moment to assist us

in removing any and all non beneficial spirits,

entities, or demonic attachments from all beings

listening to these words.


We ask that these energies, and any other un-named

non beneficial forces, be removed and lovingly

sent back to wherever they belong in creation.


We ask this be done in the name of the infinite one Self.

Thank you for your assistance.


May all beings be Blessed,

may all beings be Happy.

May all beings remember the truth of their eternal nature.


And so it is!


*Click Here For Full Backstory and Additional Information on the Clearing Prayer*

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Love, Freedom, And Aloneness - Osho

Conversations with God (series) - Neal Donald Walch

Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahamsa Yogananda

POWER VS FORCE - David R Hawkings (and other Hawkings books)

The ANASTASIA (series) - Vladimir Megre

A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The 4 Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

Way of the Superior Man - David Deada

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East - Baird T Spalding

A Course in Miracles - Helen Schucman

Christ’s letters (

Trans Surfing (series) - Vadim Zealand

Unity Theory - Isaac Mars

The Lost Teachings of Atlantis & The Children of The Law of One - John Peniel

I Remember Union - Flo Aeveia Magdalena



Everyone Wants To Be Healthy - Alexander Lasarev / iPL

iPL Mini Books

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